POWERFUL Prayer to Remove Evil Spirits

Father God, the father of Jesus Christ, the creator of us all and everything that exist. There is none above you father God, in heaven, in earth, in the seas or below in hell. Father God this prayer is going up to you because there is some negative energy that is dwelling in this home. Father have in whatever home this prayer is played, see to it that everything said comes to past in that house. Father God I want a war to start in this house against every demon in here.

Disunion of Demons
Father God, all the demons in this house, split their unison, brake their whole. Father completely DESTROY their connection, pull them apart, break and divide them. Father prevent these demons from reforming, and to make sure they don’t reform, father put a barrier between them in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Cleanse Of Satanic Structures
Father God every satanic and demonic strongholds, constitutions, organizations, in this house, flatten to the ground. Father God there is something that’s giving these demons legal access in this house to do as they wish, father God send an angel down here to this house, with a special mission, to find this door, this thing the demons using to gain legal access in this house, whatever it is and have this angel to destroy it in Jesus Christ name.

Cleanse the Ground
Father God the ground this house was built on mite be cursed, there mite have been human deaths, spilt blood, sacrifices of humans on this ground, it’s cursed. Reverse this cursed ground and consecrate it with your blessing. Father God consecrate this cursed ground by spilling the blood of Jesus Christ on it and keep pouring it on the ground this house was built on UNTIL it becomes holy.

Cleanse Cursed Items
Father God have this angel to take the Blood of Jesus Christ and place it on everything in this house which will remove all curses on them and sanctify them as well in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Cleanse of Evil Rulership Pt 1: Halt Growth
Father God stop the growth of these demons. Stop their progress, put to nil their evil works. Stop all their advancements, shrink all their enlargements, like a wasp nest that starts off small and you come back months later and it’s 10 times larger, well father God stop these demons in this house from expanding like that. Their growth must come to a complete STOP, to a complete stand still. They mite continue to try to expand and increase but they to will notice their progress has been HALTED.

Cleanse of Evil Rulership Pt 2: Dethrone
Father God there is a leader amongst the demons that are dwelling in this home. That demon mite be king, a queen, or even a prince in rank. Find this demon, find the demon with the highest ranking in this house. Father God when this demon is found, have your angels to bind him with chains and fetters. After he is bound, have your angels to torture him, have them to cause him extreme distress. Father God all high and low ranking demons in this house dethrone all of them in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Cleanse of Evil Rulership Pt 3: Seize Control
Father God the demons in this house are controlling, the television, the fans, the light lamps, moving objects in this house. They are affecting the good night sleep of persons living in the house, affecting their moods, affecting their money, their jobs, their relationships, affecting their children, affecting the animals in this house. Dampering with the laptop, tampering with everything in this house. Father God, they have too much power. Father God, render all demons in this place powerless, take away all their authority, power, rulership, and control they have over this house by any means possible. Father God you seize control, power, and authority over this house right now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Cleanse of to Remove Soldier Demons
Father God, remove, defeat and destroy every demon that has taken refugee in this house. Father there are angel fighting already in this house, but father send more combatant arch-angels. Father God this war must NOT be completed UNTIL all demons have lost ALL power, and authority to operate in this house. Stripe EVERY demon sent from satan of their weapons so they have nothing to fight your angels with in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Cleanse: The FINAL Cleanse Of Negative Energy Pt 1
Father God discharge the complete power of the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth right now in this house. Start from the roof and have it to cleanse and purify as it pour downwards toward the ground. Have it to cleanse and purify all evil that’s in this house once and for all in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


POWERFUL Prayer to Remove Evil Spirits

(Copyrighted MrPastor77)

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